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Thorn Law Group, led by founding tax attorney Kevin E. Thorn, is an experienced and sought after Washington DC tax law firm focused on successfully representing your sensitive federal tax disputes, tax controversies and tax litigation problems. Thorn Law Group represents clients all over the United States and in many foreign countries and consults with counsel throughout the world on Business and Employment Tax, Criminal Tax Investigations, IRS Audits and Appeals, International Tax Issues as well as Offshore Account Issues.



Your Washington DC tax attorney at Thorn Law Group has a strong knowledge and understanding of tax law and are well-known throughout the country in their specialties. Our attorneys are highly regarded professionals in the areas of civil and criminal tax law, tax litigation, IRS collection actions, voluntary disclosures of offshore bank accounts, employment and business tax law, complex civil litigation, financial law, international law, and ethics.

Mr. Thorn personally selected his team of dedicated and passionate professionals with prior government, private law firm and accounting firm experience in order to best successfully represent you and/or your business’s national and international interests!


Washington D.C is where all the major government headquarters and policy makers reside that involve the creation, enforcement and resolution of tax law issues. Mr. Thorn strategically maintains his law office in DC to further develop and grow his professional relationships – specifically the in-person accessibility required to successfully navigate the complex legal landscape of tax litigation for the benefit of his clients.

The result is that the attorneys of the Thorn Law Group have significant exposure and experience practicing before the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Tax Court, the Department of Justice, the Court of Federal Claims, state courts, the IRS's Office of Professional Responsibility and the IRS Whistleblower Office.


Addressing your Tax Litigation issues with proactive experienced legal representation is highly recommended! Call 202-349-4033 to schedule a confidential consultation with Experienced Washington DC Tax Attorney Kevin E, Thorn. Contact Thorn Law Group today!

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"I have personal knowledge that the tax attorneys at Thorn Law Group have developed a nationwide practice guiding individuals, banks, trusts, foundations and other organizations through the processes involved in managing and disclosing offshore bank accounts. The goal for our attorneys is to resolve potential legal issues in advance in order to bring their offshore bank accounts into compliance with government regulations."
Mélanie Corna