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At Thorn Law Group, we specialize in representing businesses involved in employment tax disputes with the IRS.

The IRS recently announced it plans to increase the number and depth of audits and examinations it does into compliance by businesses and taxpayers subject to federal employment tax laws. Although the IRS may look at any line on an employment tax return during the examination, it will primarily focus on the following issues:

IRS audits of businesses also frequently include examinations of the business’s compliance with rules involving:

The IRS is serious about enforcing compliance with employment taxes. Along with additional taxes and penalties, a business’s failure to comply with these laws can lead to IRS liens or levies against business assets and even criminal charges against individuals responsible for the violations. Contact a knowledgeable tax attorney in our Washington, DC office to ensure your company policies are congruent with current law.

Further, the IRS is working with state authorities to ensure taxpayers are complying with all state employment laws. Thus, it is critical to contact a DC lawyer experienced in employment tax matters as well as IRS procedure before meeting with the IRS or state taxing authority.

At Thorn Law Group, your tax lawyer specializes in representing businesses involved in employment tax disputes with the IRS. Contact Kevin E. Thorn at 202-349-4033 today if you have been contacted by the IRS or state authority for an employment tax audit. Our experience representing businesses before the IRS can help you manage your employment tax audit and keep your business in operation.




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