Most Important Things to Consider When Hiring an Attorney for Your Complicated Tax Issue

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Introduction: It is crucial to evaluate each prospective attorney you consider to assist with your sensitive tax situation using a number of important criteria. Before choosing a firm to process your sensitive tax information, be sure to think critically about your decision using the ten following principles. With any complicated tax issue, a lot is at stake, including massive penalties and possible incarceration. The Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group, Kevin E. Thorn, has helped hundreds of clients with complicated tax situations such as offshore voluntary disclosures, IRS audits, and criminal tax investigations. If you have any questions regarding how to choose representation, do not hesitate to call Mr. Thorn confidentially today at 202-349-4033. Thorn Law Group is a superior tax litigation firm that is suited to give advice on even the most complicated tax matters. You need an expert like Kevin E. Thorn fighting for you!

  1. Representation from a Former Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Attorney

Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group, is a former IRS attorney who has experienced firsthand the inner workings of the Internal Revenue Service. As an insider, he has an intimate understanding of how the IRS operates. Because he has both experience with and a connection to the IRS, he is able to tailor the counsel of his firm to his clients’ advantage when guiding them through complicated tax situations. Mr. Thorn has helped hundreds of clients disclose overseas assets using the IRS’ various Offshore Voluntary Disclosure programs and has represented clients with a variety of complicated tax issues in front of the IRS, IRS Appeals, US Tax Court, and the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility. Having an insider fight for you gives you an advantage when trying to resolve any tax issue with the government.

  1. Do Not Hire an Attorney That Charges for Phone Calls or Refuses to Speak Over the Phone

This type of attorney is generally a scam artist who will listen to an individual’s case for a set upfront fee, without providing any proper counsel. In addition, because it is impossible to provide proper counsel without reviewing any or all documents, these attorneys often lack the strategy to properly handle a complex tax problem, such as a voluntary offshore disclosure or criminal tax investigation. If a firm advertises that every phone call, even an initial consultation, is subject to billing, it is best to find representation elsewhere. Mr. Thorn, Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group, is focused on speaking to all clients and potential clients in such a way that makes them feel at ease. He is willing to answer questions honestly and be upfront with each individual about their unique tax situation.

  1. Respect! An Attorney Who Will Listen and Respond to All Questions.

If an attorney refuses to fully answer questions, acts abruptly and rudely, or treats potential clients with disregard, it is a reflection of the type of counsel they will offer. Trust is essential to consider when choosing legal representation, especially for matters as sensitive as a criminal audit or IRS offshore voluntary disclosure. If an attorney makes you feel bad about your situation during your first interaction, the relationship will most likely be strained with crucial conversations being more difficult and uncomfortable than they should be. In order to effectively fight for the best possible outcome for each tax situation, a positive relationship must be formed between a client and their attorney. At Thorn Law Group, each attorney is focused on providing legal counsel in a way that is respectful, honest and informative. Under the guidance of Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn, the focus at Thorn Law Group is on relationships, trust, and providing clients with a positive legal experience. With any serious tax matter, there is often a lot at stake, including criminal investigation, potential prison time and massive penalties. At Thorn Law Group, we understand the sensitivity of each case we handle and therefore try to alleviate as much stress as possible for our clients.

  1. An Attorney Who Will Not Estimate a Set Fee for Your Complicated Tax Matter- Especially Without Seeing All Relevant Tax Documents

Firms that offer flat fee service for their counsel often do not put the same time and energy into each of their cases. They often try to quickly complete a service rather than tailor their expertise to the specifics of each unique tax case. In other words, these firms often view each of their client’s tax situations as just another case to be completed and therefore often dismiss the proper analysis that could result in an outcome such as a reduced penalty or mitigated prison sentence. Never trust a one-time charge when considering the complicated nature of your tax situation. The facts of every unique tax case are different. To make informed decisions about how to handle each tax situation, an attorney must diligently comb through the details of each case. They must study all relevant documents, including tax returns and bank statements. This could potentially save each client a substantial amount of money in taxes and penalties as well as possible incarceration. The Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group Kevin E. Thorn takes the necessary time to understand each of his clients’ complicated tax matters in order to best assist with their unique situation. Before making any decisions, he thoroughly reviews all relevant tax documents.

  1. A Firm Where the Managing Partner Handles Each Case Personally

IRS tax cases such as audits, IRS investigations and IRS offshore voluntary disclosures, are all very serious and complicated. In each scenario, there is a lot at stake, including potential incarceration and massive penalties! Do not trust a firm that leaves this type of work to associates, paralegals and non-legal personnel. An associate should never be the primary contact or the lead on any client’s tax case. If an attorney advertises their work and their name but does not act as the face of each client’s representation, this could lead to serious problems. Less experienced associates and paralegals are more apt to make mistakes than experienced name partners. They are less knowledgeable about minute differences in tax law that could have a large role in determining the best legal action to take for each unique case. Potentially, this could cost a client a substantial amount of money in tax and penalties or could put them at risk for incarceration. Work with a firm where the Managing Partner, Kevin E. Thorn, serves as the primary contact for each client and works on every complex tax case directly. As a former government attorney, Mr. Thorn has the experience and an advantage when dealing with the IRS and handling complicated tax matters. His advanced level of expertise instrumental in determining that each unique tax situation is handled thoroughly and correctly. Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn is the lead on every single case handled at Thorn Law Group.

  1. Prices that Reflect the Quality of the Service Provided

Not all tax attorneys are the same. The least expensive attorney is usually not the best. In fact, choosing a less expensive firm with set fees often costs clients more money in the long run and creates substantial risk for more tax, interest, and penalties. The price of an attorney’s legal services generally reflects their level of expertise, their credentials, or even in some cases, their desperation for clients. In considering the complicated nature of each tax situation, it is unlikely that the same level of attention should be given to every single unique case. With set fees, this precedent is established which causes some cases that require more work and attention to be rushed. In turn, crucial, money saving details are often overlooked. It is important to remember that choosing a cheaper tax law firm could potentially result in bad advice and/or increased penalties on taxes paid to the IRS. At Thorn Law Group, our prices fairly reflect our superior service and advice.

  1. Protection from the IRS, Massive Penalties, and Even Incarceration

Audits, voluntary disclosures, and IRS and DOJ investigations are incredibly serious matters. Always remember, the failure to disclose offshore bank accounts to the IRS is a felony and that audits and IRS criminal investigations are not matters that should ever be taken lightly. It is very important to think hard before hiring a CPA or an EA because within these relationships there is no attorney-client privilege. No protection is guaranteed when providing these professionals with the sensitive information required for any type of complicated tax situation and therefore, these professionals could possibly end up being a witness against you in a court of law, providing the government with the documents needed for prosecution. In other words, these individuals could help incarcerate you! With an experienced, international tax attorney, like the Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group, Kevin E. Thorn, each client has the protection of attorney-client privilege and the insurance that their sensitive tax information will stay confidential.

  1. Headquarters in Washington DC and Connections Across the Globe

The best attorneys to assist with a difficult tax situation are those who are located just blocks from the Department of Justice, IRS Headquarters, and United States Tax Court. Thorn Law Group’s main office is strategically situated in the nation’s capital, with legitimate satellite offices located throughout the United States. This gives Thorn Law Group a huge advantage in representing clients with assets overseas but tax responsibilities in the United States. Tax attorneys in other countries or states such as Iowa, Ohio are too far away and disconnected to provide you, your family, or your business with the best tax advice that could save you substantial tax, penalties, or interest. For any complicated tax problem, the best place to look for a resolution is Washington DC.

  1. A Firm That Has Argued Both Criminal and Civil Cases

Lawyers without litigation experience are often inept and unwilling to truly fight on their clients’ behalf. At Thorn Law Group, our attorneys have defended clients in front of the Department of Justice (both criminal and civil division) as well as negotiated on their behalf with the IRS and IRS Appeals. This experience is essential for an attorney to best navigate the IRS’ various tax programs. When choosing an attorney, ask the question: Does this individual just say they have expertise, or do their case results reflect that? Is their firm too specialized in one area, or does it have a broader range of expertise that gives them perspective when strategizing solutions to difficult tax issues? Managing Partner, Kevin E. Thorn, of Thorn Law Group has proven to be an effective litigator in both criminal and civil cases. He is equipped to assist those with overseas assets in front of any federal government agency or legal organization in the United States. He worked on a variety of different tax cases and helped hundreds of clients nationally and overseas.

  1. Do Not Hire A Tax Professional Disguised as a Lawyer

Not every individual who calls him or herself an ‘attorney” is qualified to represent a client with a complicated tax situation. A law degree does not indicate that a professional has the expertise needed to effectively help those with complicated tax problems. When a lawyer advertises that they are an expert in both the tax preparation and the legal aspects of tax situations, such as an IRS voluntary disclosure, what they often fail to disclose is that they outsource most of their work, both the legal and the accounting aspects! This is particularly true of midsized and large firms that hire both CPAs and junior associates. Rarely do the name partners of these firms get involved in the actual work or strategy aspects of their clients’ cases. This arrangement is dangerous for clients because it often results in them paying more in tax and penalties, puts them at risk of intense IRS scrutiny, and increases the likelihood of someone making a mistake that could put the client at a serious disadvantage in front of the government. Managing Partner, Kevin E. Thorn, is the lead on every single client’s tax case at Thorn Law Group. He is intimately involved with every phase of the legal process and has helped hundreds of clients save money on tax and penalties as well as avoid possible incarceration. It is his personal attention to detail that differentiates Thorn Law Group from other firms who claim to have expertise in similar services.


Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group, is the perfect example of the type of ally you need when voluntarily disclosing overseas assets to the IRS. In developing this list of criteria for evaluating potential tax counsel, Mr. Thorn analyzed the factors that have helped him successfully represent clients since the establishment of his firm. He looked to the aspects of his practice that have helped him achieve success for each of his clients in all of their unique tax situations. If you have assets overseas and are considering an IRS voluntary disclosure, contact Kevin E. Thorn today to speak confidentially. You need the best in tax litigation fighting for you! A mishandled IRS tax situation can put you at risk for IRS prosecution, possible incarceration, and massive penalties. Do not wait, call today at 202-349-4033!

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