About The Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the U.S. agency responsible for collecting taxes and enforcing the nation’s tax laws. The IRS is perhaps best known – if not outright feared – for conducting civil audits and criminal investigations of taxpayers as well as engaging in aggressive collection efforts.

The taxes examined by the IRS include:

  • Income
  • Employment
  • Excise
  • Use
  • Estate taxes
  • Gift taxes

An IRS audit can result in the IRS assessing additional taxes, interest and penalties. In some cases, the outcome of an IRS audit brings about no changes to the taxpayer’s reporting, or results in the taxpayer receiving a refund of overpaid taxes. Alternatively, audits can lead to the criminal indictment of the taxpayer.

The IRS also provides technical advice to individuals and businesses regarding the application of the tax laws to specific situations. Each DC tax attorney at Thorn Law Group has extensive experience representing individuals and businesses seeking Private Letter Rulings and Technical Advice Memorandums from the IRS.

In addition to applying and enforcing the nation’s tax laws, the IRS oversees return preparers, tax attorneys, appraisers and other tax professionals to ensure they uphold the integrity of the tax system. Every attorney at Thorn Law Group regularly advises tax professionals about their ethical obligations to the IRS and taxpayers. Thorn Law Group also represents tax professionals who are in the midst of an ethics investigation by the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility as well as before state licensing authorities.

Representation Before the IRS

Every tax attorney at Thorn Law Group has extensive experience working with the Internal Revenue Service. As attorneys who formerly worked for the IRS, our lawyers have developed unique and invaluable insight into IRS processes and operations.

We put this knowledge to use every day by resolving audits, collection and ethics problems. Whether a client is facing an IRS audit, seeking technical advice, or is subject to an ethics investigation, our legal team is committed to providing protection and advice from step one to done.

Advising, Protecting and Defending Clients

The tax attorneys at Thorn Law Group have decades of experience representing individual taxpayers, businesses, partnerships, trusts and other entities who are involved in tax disputes before the IRS and DOJ. We appreciate that these matters are highly sensitive and can be very stressful for clients.

Since every IRS case is unique, our attorneys invest the necessary time to fully understand the specific needs, goals and objectives of the case at hand. We believe this individualized approach best enables our firm to protect our clients’ rights and interests while aggressively defending their positions before the IRS.

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