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Resolving Matters before Professional Responsibility Tribunals

Mr. Thorn was formerly an attorney at the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and is therefore, highly sought after for representation before the OPR and for speaking engagements across the nation. As a result of his experience, Mr. Thorn has represented successfully many high profile professionals and professional organizations before the OPR. Mr. Thorn and the attorneys at Thorn Law Group understand that a great deal is at stake in cases involving allegations of professional misconduct. Tax practitioners can be subject to serious disciplinary action, including suspension or total disbarment from practice before the IRS. Additionally, the OPR provides notification of sanctions to state licensing authorities, including accountancy licensing boards and state bar associations which further may impact a professional’s ability to practice.

IRS Office of Professional Responsibility and State Licensing Agencies

The IRS Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is a part of the Department of the Treasury that has been delegated to the IRS and reports directly to the IRS Commissioner. Congress has granted the OPR broad authority to regulate the conduct of professional tax representatives including attorneys, CPAs, appraisers and enrolled agents, actuaries and retirement plan agents, before the IRS and the Department of the Treasury for incompetence, disreputable behavior, or for violation of the regulations found in Circular 230 (Regulations Governing Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service).

In particular, OPR has jurisdiction to investigate:

  • Practitioners who provide written advice to clients, as well as, practitioners who submit documents directly to the IRS or make personal appearances before to the IRS;
  • Law firms, accounting firms and other types of entities.

OPR can discipline a practitioner or his employer through the following sanctions:

  • Reprimand
  • Public Censure
  • Suspension
  • Disbarment
  • Monetary Penalty

In addition to OPR, most tax professionals are subject to the ethical standards and disciplinary review of state licensing agencies. These state agencies have a similar review

To learn more about the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility, visit the OPR section of the IRS website.

Representing Clients Facing Professional Misconduct Allegations

When a tax professional or firm is facing allegations of professional misconduct, it is important to quickly seek the advice of an experienced Washington, DC tax attorney. The legal team at Thorn Law Group has decades of experience representing tax practitioners dealing with professional misconduct charges. Our legal professionals are former IRS attorneys with unique perceptions and insights into IRS practices and procedures. Each DC tax lawyer in our office has a thorough understanding of the regulations in IRS Circular 230 and is intimately familiar with how the government investigates these types of matters.

Our legal team is committed to helping tax professionals resolve professional misconduct cases as quickly as possible, while preventing or limiting any harmful effects to business and professional reputations. We understand that our clients are often under extraordinary stress and appreciate that a great deal is at risk in these types of matters.

Under Investigation? Call A DC Tax Lawyer For Guidance

If you are a tax professional, or a firm that employs tax professionals, and you are currently under investigation by the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility or a state licensing agency, contact the Thorn Law Group today. Mr. Thorn provides confidential initial consultations and can be reached at (202) 349-4033.

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