State Taxing Authorities

Sensitive and Complex State Tax Controversies

Thorn Law Group is a leader in providing legal representation to clients dealing with sensitive and complex tax matters. Since our inception, we have built an outstanding reputation for successfully negotiating and settling tax controversies before the many federal and state courts and taxing authorities that preside over tax disputes. Our firm’s clients include individual taxpayers, businesses, high-net-worth individuals, estates, trusts, and other entities operating across the U.S. and abroad.

At Thorn Law Group, every DC tax lawyer is focused on resolving varied and complex tax disputes as quickly and effectively as possible. Our attorneys combine their extensive tax law experience with a keen understanding of state and federal government practices and procedures to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

We understand that tax law can be complex, but with the help of a tax attorney in Washington, DC you can work toward relief of even the most sensitive and complicated tax cases.

State Taxing Authorities

Frequently, individuals and businesses find that their tax disputes are not limited to the IRS. Whether disputes involve overall tax liability, reporting responsibility, or collection alternatives, the state taxing authorities can be just as aggressive as the IRS.

In every state, the legislature establishes the types of tax and specific tax rates levied upon their citizens and businesses. States may impose a wide variety of taxes, including income taxes, alcohol and cigarette taxes, gasoline taxes, estate taxes and franchise taxes, to name just a few. The rates and types of taxes vary widely among the states. For example, while most states in the U.S. collect a state income tax in addition to the federal income tax a number of states still do not impose such a tax. The tax types and rates in each state are administered by a state tax department or division, which has been authorized to collect the taxes.

To learn more about individual state taxes and taxing authorities, visit the list of state government websites prepared by the IRS.

Negotiating Tax Disputes with State Taxing Authorities

At Thorn Law Group, our tax law attorneys have extensive experience working with state taxing authorities to negotiate and settle complex tax controversies. We represent clients in disputes before state taxing authorities encompassing all types of state taxes, ranging from income, real estate, and sales and use taxes, to payroll taxes and inheritance taxes. Every DC tax attorney at Thorn Law Group works with and counsels clients involved in a variety of tax controversies, including state tax audits and collection matters nationwide. We aim to resolve tax issues and close audits as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, when an acceptable resolution cannot be reached, our legal team vigorously represents clients at all stages of the litigation process, from the administrative level, to state trial and appellate courts, to the Supreme Court.

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