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Former IRS attorney assisting clients in Brazil and businesses conducting transactions in Brazil with a variety of complex tax matters and controversies, including IRS audits, IRS litigation, offshore bank account reporting, criminal investigations and collections 


Many businesses based in the U.S. who conduct transactions overseas run into issues with tax compliance, most often succumbing to “double taxation.” Both businesses and individual taxpayers who hold foreign accounts in Brazil or own a Brazil-based corporation can face scrutiny from the IRS and may even become the targets of a government investigation. When this happens, taxpayers may be at risk of sustaining civil and criminal tax penalties. A Brazil tax attorney can help, and that's where we come in.

I am Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group. I am a former IRS attorney who helps clients navigate the complex and often intimidating process of resolving tax disputes. Having worked as an attorney within IRS and the United States Tax Court, I gained invaluable experience and knowledge that I use to achieve successful results for my clients. I have helped hundreds of clients, including big-name corporations and high profile individuals, save millions of dollars and avoid severe civil and criminal tax penalties, and will do the same for you. 

Whether you need assistance with IRS voluntary disclosure, Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), international tax disputes, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) or any other tax matter, my team and I will handle your case swiftly and aggressively, protecting your reputation and confidentiality at every step.


Our firm's main practice is located in the heart of Washington, DC. I chose this location so as to be in close proximity to the nation’s tax law courts and offices, as well as to easily interact with international agencies. We handle cases for a variety of clients, including individuals and businesses in Brazil or domestic taxpayers with offshore bank accounts in Brazil.  

Past clients have included: U.S. citizens living, working or earning money abroad; U.S. taxpayers with international trusts; non-U.S. taxpayers with U.S.-sourced income; U.S. businesses with operations in other countries; international businesses with U.S. tax reporting requirements and tax liabilities; U.S. and non-U.S. entertainers with worldwide income; and expatriates.


Our firm's sole focus is in tax law representation and litigation. Turn to Thorn Law Group for assistance with any of the following tax matters and controversies:


There is no tax matter to small or too complex for our firm to handle. To resolve your tax issues quickly and successfully, contact a Brazil tax attorney at (202) 349-4033 or complete our online contact form.

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"Mr. Thorn and the attorneys at Thorn Law Group were so knowledgeable about the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program and about the way the IRS Criminal Investigation Division works. Mr. Thorn helped put my mind at ease and walked me through the whole Voluntary Disclosure process. With the help of Thorn Law Group, and Mr. Thorn specifically, we were able to get back into compliance and were able to avoid criminal prosecution."
M Patel