Estate Planning Using Trusts and Wills

People often wonder if they will have their affairs in order when they die, or when they are faced with an unexpected illness or injury that leaves them incapacitated. Some worry that there will come a time when they are no longer able to manage their personal and financial matters, and want to be certain that they will be cared for and that their wishes will be honored.

The wills, trusts and estate planning attorneys at Thorn Law Group help our clients plan for these contingencies. Our clients count on us to make sure that their wishes are met, their intended beneficiaries are provided for, and that their overall tax burden is reduced. Our Washington, D.C.-based wills, trust & estate lawyers have many years of experience with affluent clients, and we routinely work with them to plan, implement and update strategies to allow our clients to rest easy knowing that their assets are protected for their use and the benefit of their heirs.

There are many important facets to estate planning: Assets may be located in multiple states and countries; Federal and state tax codes may treat certain categories of income differently from one another; Minor children will require a trust instrument to protect funds intended to provide for their care, and the same may hold true for an adult with special needs who is unable to care for him or herself. Then, there are other private parties who pose potential threats to an estate; these include judgment or lien creditors, former spouses and opportunistic business partners, clients or associates. Any of these parties may attempt to lay claim to a portion of the funds which an individual had hoped to pass on to his or her heirs. At Thorn Law Group, our experienced estate planning attorneys work to ensure the right trusts, wills and other asset protection and estate planning devices are in place to protect our clients and their heirs.

At Thorn Law Group, we offer assistance with a variety of estate planning services, including:

  • Will drafting and execution;
  • Living wills, healthcare proxies and other medical directives;
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts;
  • Life insurance trusts;
  • Special needs trusts;
  • Dynasty trusts;
  • Family partnerships;
  • Foundations;
  • Charitable remainder trusts;
  • Estate and gift tax determinations;
  • Estate income tax return preparation and representation before the IRS.

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