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The rapid increase in globalization has allowed people, goods and currency to move freely in ways never before possible. But with this new interconnectedness comes a host of complex compliance issues. Nowhere is this challenge more evident than in the area of international tax planning. FATCA, tax treaties and other international agreements constantly change the opportunities and requirements for businesses and persons with multinational needs. The Washington DC international tax lawyers at Thorn Law Group serve the needs of our individual and business clients in a wide range of capacities, from international tax planning and business transactions to representation in tax audits and litigation.

Our clients are located across the United States and throughout the world. The experienced tax lawyers at Thorn Law Group provide inbound planning to foreign investors and corporations seeking assistance to ensure tax compliance for U.S. holdings, investments and businesses. Our tax attorneys also provide outbound planning counsel to U.S. businesses and individuals interested in investing or expanding business operations overseas. When providing guidance to our clients regarding simple or complex international business transactions, as well as advocating on their behalf in foreign proceedings, Thorn Law Group attorneys draw upon the experience of local tax advisors and legal professionals, often serving in a special counsel capacity alongside locally-based attorneys. We leverage our extensive network of trusted foreign counsellors and advisors to efficiently maximize our clients’ results. Our experience has proven that the richness of perspectives produced by this team-oriented approach best serves the interests of our international clients.

Thorn law group can assist individuals and businesses with international tax issues

Not all U.S. tax lawyers are capable of handling international tax matters. At Thorn Law Group, our attorneys have acquired many years of experience serving the interests of our U.S. and foreign clients in this rapidly evolving area of law. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Representation of clients before the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice, U.S. Tax Court and federal courts in matters involving foreign assets and financial interests;
  • FATCA compliance;
  • Strategic approaches to compliance with immigration-related taxes;
  • Estate planning for individuals with foreign investments and assets;
  • Taxation of commercial and real estate transactions by foreign persons and foreign companies within the United States;
  • U.S. companies with overseas subsidiaries or joint ventures;
  • Employment and withholding tax issues for international and multijurisdictional businesses;
  • Guidance around the use of tax treaties and credits to reduce overall foreign tax burden;
  • Options for tax-exempt financing of investments within the U.S.

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