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Today, increasing numbers of individuals and businesses have established international connections. International bank accounts, foreign subsidiaries and international business partners are now commonplace. While globalization presents many opportunities for growth and success, it also creates the potential for misdeeds and conflicts.

The Internal Revenue Service has renewed its efforts to pursue violations of the tax laws by individuals and businesses with foreign activities and offshore bank accounts. To address what it considers to be an area rife with abusive tax avoidance behavior, the IRS is aggressively pursuing international tax violations through use of both civil audits and criminal investigations and prosecutions. The IRS has announced specific plans to focus on combating tax fraud and tax evasion by auditing U.S. taxpayers who use foreign accounts and offshore business entities in ways the IRS deems abusive or misleading. To assist in these efforts, the IRS and the Department of Justice have expanded their programs of information sharing and cooperation with nations, banks and financial institutions around the world. Luckily, a Washington DC international tax lawyer with Thorn Law Group has experience helping our clients all over the world handle IRS investigations.

The most recent example of the IRS’s efforts is the high-profile investigation into U.S. taxpayers with unreported foreign bank accounts. The IRS has also announced that it will focus its efforts on increasing audits of U.S. persons and businesses that make payments to foreign individuals and businesses to ensure the U.S. taxpayers are properly reporting and withholding taxes from those payments. The IRS also plans to increase audits and investigations of U.S. individual and business taxpayers with foreign sourced income, foreign bank accounts and foreign trusts. Don’t get caught off-guard when the IRS comes to investigate your foreign accounts. Consult with an international tax lawyer today about your circumstances.

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At Thorn Law Group, we specialize in representing U.S. taxpayers worldwide with international tax issues:

  • U.S. citizens living and working abroad
  • U.S. citizens with foreign-sourced income
  • U.S. taxpayers with international trusts
  • Non-U.S. taxpayers with U.S.-sourced income
  • U.S. businesses with operations in other countries
  • International businesses with U.S. tax reporting requirements and tax liabilities
  • U.S. and non-U.S. entertainers with worldwide income
  • Expatriates

Thorn Law Group Can Help Your Business Navigate the Rough Waters of International Tax Compliance

U.S.-based companies transacting business overseas face additional challenges in terms of tax compliance. Though they are subject to the local taxing authorities in the host jurisdiction, these entities must still comply with U.S. tax laws. While certain countries have entered into tax treaties with the United States that enable businesses to avoid the pitfall of “double taxation,” others have not. As the global marketplace continues to expand, double taxation has the potential to become even more problematic for U.S. businesses. Additionally, increased collaboration between the United States and foreign governments has led to stepped up enforcement efforts in such areas as Anti-Money Laundering, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and Foreign Bank Account Reporting.

A knowledgeable tax lawyer at Thorn Law Group’s DC office can advise you on these and other international tax law issues. Whether you have disputes with international banks and financial institutions, or whether you are being investigated for using foreign institutions to commit a crime, Thorn Law Group can help you manage your exposures and bring your dispute to an amiable resolution.

We can also represent you in offshore and foreign account cases involving:

For more information on Offshore Accounts or International Tax disputes check out the Blog and the News & Events page for the latest developments.

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