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Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group, has helped thousands of clients with their issues with the Internal Revenue Service, or the “IRS”. As a former IRS attorney himself, Mr. Thorn is incredibly well versed in IRS operations and understands how the IRS enforces their legislation. The IRS is not an easy government organization to deal with. If you are under audit by the IRS, have undisclosed foreign bank accounts or overseas assets, or are otherwise involved with a tax controversy, you need counsel who works with the IRS on a daily basis working for you. It is the insider advantage that Thorn Law Group has that can make all the difference when dealing with the IRS.

Mr. Thorn has the connections needed to ensure the best possible solution for all of his clients who are up against the IRS. If the IRS contacts you for any reason, you need an attorney. With any IRS tax controversy, there is a lot at stake. Those who fail to find adequate counsel could face massive fees, penalties, and tax, criminal investigation, and in some cases, even potential incarceration. A former IRS attorney such as Kevin E. Thorn is best equipped to handle the IRS for you. His inside knowledge and the perspective he has form his time working for the IRS has won hundreds of cases for his clients.

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