Mr. Thorn Supports Family Consisting of 12 Beneficiaries with Unreported Assets in Liechtenstein, Ultimately Saving them from the Horrors of Trial and $6 Million

A family consisting of 12 beneficiaries to a foundation in Liechtenstein came to Thorn Law Group for help in resolving issues regarding their non-compliance with U.S. Tax Law. After the client’s IRS voluntary disclosure was originally mishandled by another attorney, Mr. Thorn was able to salvage their case. He helped the family execute an IRS voluntary disclosure of their shared assets and helped them cope with an abusive IRS agent as well as the turmoil that ensued due to the high net worth of their uncle’s estate. The case was one of only a very few if its kind to potentially be tried within the U.S. court system and against the Department of Justice. In the end, Mr. Thorn was able to reach a settlement with both the IRS and the Department of Justice that was extremely advantageous to the clients. With the perseverance of Mr. Thorn and his team, the family not only saved over 6 million dollars, but also avoided the high costs and frustrations of trial.

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