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Kevin E. Thorn is the Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group. He is also a former federal government lawyer who spent years working as an attorney for the IRS before going into private practice. Today, he dedicates his legal practice to guiding clients through a full spectrum of civil and criminal tax law matters. Attorney Thorn is a highly regarded tax law professional who works with businesses and individuals  in Washington, across the United States and around the world on IRS audits, IRS litigation, offshore bank account reporting, criminal investigations and collections.


My name is Kevin E. Thorn. As the Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group, I am pleased to help individuals and businesses with their tax law matters. I opened Thorn Law Group after years of working for the IRS and the United States Tax Court. During this time, I learned the ins and outs of how the most challenging and complex tax cases are brought to a successful resolution. As a result, I knew I could offer my clients the most thorough and advanced legal advice anywhere around.

With my team of highly knowledgeable and well-respected legal professionals, I have guided hundreds of clients through all types of tax law controversies all while helping them to save millions of dollars in the process. Our firm is able to achieve success in the most complicated cases by combining an aggressive approach with a solution-driven focus in every case we take. If you are seeking a tax attorney in Washington who is capable of getting the government off your back and the results you deserve, then look no further.


There is nothing worse than waking up and discovering that you have been targeted for an investigation by the IRS. This is often one of the most terrifying moments in anyone’s life. After all, you have worked hard to live the life you lead, and you should not have to live in fear that the things you value the most will be taken away. Fortunately, Thorn Law Group is here to help. We have experience litigating in the nation’s major tax law offices and courts, so we know what to expect. When you work with a Washington tax attorney on our team, you can rest assured that your case will be given the attention it deserves.  We will stand by you until you get the results that you deserve.


When you choose an attorney to handle your tax law dispute, you owe it to yourself to select only the best of the best. At Thorn Law Group, tax law is what we do. This means that we are prepared to help you navigate a full range of challenging issues. When you contact a Washington tax attorney at Thorn Law Group, you can trust that we can offer assistance on any of the following:


At Thorn Law Group, we have helped hundreds of taxpayers who have been in your same situation. This means that we have a depth and breadth of tax law experience that you will not find in firms elsewhere. Our team is highly qualified to address every legal question you may have. But we can only begin resolving your case when you make the choice to reach out for help.

Having a Washington tax lawyer on your side can make the legal process far smoother and stress-free than it ever could be otherwise. So do not hesitate to take the next step towards your future. If you are ready to get the support and advice you need, contact Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn to schedule your consultation today.

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"Mr. Thorn and the attorneys at Thorn Law Group were so knowledgeable about the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program and about the way the IRS Criminal Investigation Division works. Mr. Thorn helped put my mind at ease and walked me through the whole Voluntary Disclosure process. With the help of Thorn Law Group, and Mr. Thorn specifically, we were able to get back into compliance and were able to avoid criminal prosecution."
M Patel