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Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group, is a former IRS attorney. He currently dedicates his practice to assisting individuals and businesses with tax resolution, dispute and litigation matters. He works with taxpayers in Nebraska, across the United States and around the globe  in matters involving  IRS audits, IRS litigation, foreign bank account reporting, criminal investigations and collections.


My name is Kevin E. Thorn.  As the Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group I would like to give you some background on our firm. For many years at the beginning of my career, I was an attorney for the IRS and the United States Tax Court. These years provided me with a depth and breadth of knowledge on the U.S. tax law system that I could not have received anywhere else. Therefore, when it came time to open my own firm, I was confident that I could provide high quality legal guidance to individual taxpayers and businesses unmatched in the field.

To date, and with the help of my highly skilled and hand selected team of tax law professionals, I have helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars, while steering clear of prison and other life-altering penalties. How do we do it? It is my belief that our aggressive approach to representation combined with our solution-oriented focus ultimately leads to the most satisfying results.

If you have found yourself in a position that requires high quality legal representation for your tax matter, Thorn Law Group is here to help. Our team has the experience, understanding, and skills that you need to face the IRS head on.

Any respected Nebraska tax attorney on our team can provide you with the top tier representation you desire. When you are ready to take the next step, do not hesitate to contact us.


Discovering that you are the subject of an IRS investigation is overwhelming, to say the least. These kinds of investigations can quickly become larger than life. That is why you need a team of Nebraska tax lawyers on your side who understand what you are about to face, and will keep the process from feeling like an endless uphill battle. The legal professionals at Thorn Law Group have helped hundreds of clients in your shoes. This has well positioned them to fully understand what you are experiencing, and, best of all, to know exactly how to help.


The world of tax law is constantly evolving and changing. As a result, when you have a tax concern weighing on your shoulders, you need a tax attorney in Nebraska that is up-to-date on the current tax law situation. Fortunately, at Thorn Law Group, tax law is what we do. Because we understand the intricacies of the system, we offer a variety of services to our clients.  Regardless of the breadth or depth of your needs, a Nebraska tax attorney on our team is here to help:


There is possibly nothing more terrifying than an IRS investigation into your account. Having assisted countless clients with their tax dispute matters, we know all the ways the government can intimidate and overwhelm individuals like yourself. This means that we are especially suited to help you get through the process with your head held high.

No case is too small or too large for our firm. And since there is no time like the present to get the IRS off of your back, we look forward to hearing from you. When you are ready, contact Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn to schedule a consultation.

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"The attorneys at Thorn Law Group, PLLC have significant experience in all phases of tax controversy, fraud and tax litigation. The Managing Partner, Kevin Thorn, is incredibly personable, yet also brilliant at what he does. Kevin's depth of knowledge in tax administration and procedure provides us with valuable insight into the government's and the courts' perspectives in our case. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone with needs in resolving any kind of tax disputes."
Stephanie Tee