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Thorn Law Group has a proven reputation of excellence in the complex legal field of tax law. Our highly sought-after team of attorneys have found success through their solution-oriented approaches to representation. We assist clients in Canada, the U.S. and around the world with domestic and international tax matters and controversies, including IRS audits, IRS litigation, offshore bank account reporting, criminal investigations and collections 


Facing an international tax matter is nothing short of overwhelming. Many U.S.-based companies conducting business in Canada struggle with the challenge of tax compliance. Not only are these entities obligated to comply with host jurisdiction tax laws, they must also comply with those of the United States. The disclosure of foreign accounts, issue of double taxation and strict guidelines of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) are just a few of the complex tax matters both individuals and businesses face. Luckily, we are here to help. 

My name is Kevin E. Thorn and I am the Managing Partner here at Thorn Law Group. Before opening my own practice, I worked for years as an attorney for the IRS and United States Tax Court. During this time, I gained invaluable insight into intricacies of the tax court system – knowledge I was able to bring with me as I made the transition to helping individuals and businesses resolve their most complex legal tax matters. 

When you are represented by a Canada tax lawyer who knows the ins and outs of both domestic and international tax legislation, you can save time, money and avoid serious penalties. Every legal professional at Thorn Law Group understands the intricacies of foreign tax policies and international tax planning. Our team is highly skilled at providing sophisticated solutions for all types of tax matters and will work with you to find a quick and successful solution, while managing your exposure.  


When you work with Thorn Law Group, you are placing your case in the hands of an internationally-respected legal team. We have helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars and we are ready to do the same for you. Whether you’re dealing with a FATCA compliance issue or are looking to organize your assets for the future, our team is here for you. 

We represent individuals and businesses in Canada, the United States and worldwide with a variety of complex domestic and international tax matters, including:


We have an extensive network of law firms, legal practitioners and financial professionals around the world who are ready to assist you on any foreign tax matter. Each Canada tax lawyer on our team can provide you with experienced legal counsel on any type of taxation issue, from complex international bank disputes to offshore account investigations. We value your time and your good reputation and will work tirelessly to achieve the results you deserve, while maintaining discretion and seeking all potential methods of defense. 

To learn more about how Thorn Law Group can assist you with international tax issues, contact us at (202) 349-4033 or through our online form.

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"Mr. Thorn and the attorneys at Thorn Law Group were so knowledgeable about the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program and about the way the IRS Criminal Investigation Division works. Mr. Thorn helped put my mind at ease and walked me through the whole Voluntary Disclosure process. With the help of Thorn Law Group, and Mr. Thorn specifically, we were able to get back into compliance and were able to avoid criminal prosecution."
M Patel