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At Thorn Law Group, we are a highly respected and sought-after group of tax law professionals. With clients in Arkansas, across the U.S. and around the world, we provide assistance with complex domestic and international tax matters, including  IRS audits, IRS litigation, offshore bank account reporting, criminal tax investigations and collections


Most taxpayers would prefer to avoid direct interaction with the IRS any more than is absolutely necessary. So, discovering that you have an open tax issue in Arkansas with the U.S. government and will have to endure a potentially lengthy process to resolve it is never a great feeling. Suddenly, your whole world may have turned on its head. It can be difficult to know where to go or who can help you work through the challenges that are on the horizon. This is the time when you need an Arkansas tax attorney on your side. 

My name is Kevin E. Thorn and I am the Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group. For years, I worked as an attorney for the IRS and the United States Tax Court. During this time, I gained a unique, first-hand experience with the intricacies of the tax law system. Thus, when I opened my own firm, I knew I could deliver legal advice with unparalleled insight to businesses and individuals facing tax issues with the IRS. 

Today, I am proud to work with a carefully selected team of legal professionals on a wide variety of tax law cases. Together, we’ve helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars and we are prepared to do the same for you. 


When you prepare to enter into a legal dispute with the U.S. government, you want to know that you have an attorney on your side that is highly qualified to address each and every one of your needs. You deserve to work with a firm that concentrates on tax law, as it is a highly complex and ever-changing legal sector. At Thorn Law Group, that’s exactly what you’ll find. With more than 80 years of collective tax law experience, every Arkansas tax lawyer on our team has the skills and knowledge to assist you with the following: 


At Thorn Law Group, we are committed to providing our clients with swift, discreet services to settle their tax matters once and for all. We value your time, money and good reputation, and will fight for you to get the favorable results you deserve. 

Our aggressive representation and solution-driven approach have helped clients get back to living their lives without the threat of a serious tax matter looming indefinitely overhead. If you are ready to resolve your tax issues, we are ready to help. Contact Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn today to discuss your tax concerns. 

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"The attorneys at Thorn Law Group, PLLC have significant experience in all phases of tax controversy, fraud and tax litigation. The Managing Partner, Kevin Thorn, is incredibly personable, yet also brilliant at what he does. Kevin's depth of knowledge in tax administration and procedure provides us with valuable insight into the government's and the courts' perspectives in our case. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone with needs in resolving any kind of tax disputes."
Stephanie Tee