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Thorn Law Group has handled thousands of cases for clients with ties to countries in Europe. Because of Mr. Thorn’s international connections, clients with assets in European countries can be assured that the Thorn Law Group is equipped to handle their complicated international tax issues. Mr. Thorn and the international tax attorneys at the Thorn Law Group have helped clients with offshore bank accounts in Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, and more. Because of the various tax treaties and agreements countries in Europe have with the United States, if you have holdings in Europe it is necessary for you to find an attorney who is familiar with international tax law and who has experience handling cases all over the continent.

 Kevin E. Thorn and the international tax attorneys at the Thorn Law Group assist European clients and clients with assets in Europe on a daily basis and can successfully help you with your international tax issue as well. These issues include international IRS tax audits, IRS voluntary disclosures, IRS criminal investigations, estate planning, business structuring and more. Thorn Law Group is the go-to international law firm for European clients living both in and outside of the United States.

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