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Eggshell Audits

When the IRS is conducting a civil audit of a taxpayer, there may be a fear of the Revenue Agent finding something, such as a fraudulent return filed by the taxpayer that may cause the Revenue Agent to refer the taxpayer to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. These situations are commonly referred to as “eggshell audits.”

By contrast, a “reverse eggshell audit” is an audit where the Revenue Agent collects information in a purportedly civil audit with the intent of secretly contributing the information to a simultaneous criminal investigation of which the taxpayer is unaware.

Both “eggshell” and “reverse eggshell” audits/examinations are sensitive proceedings. In either situation, it is imperative to be alert for signs that the IRS has possibly discovered the fraud.

At Thorn Law Group, our Washington DC tax audit lawyers are aware of the signs that a civil audit is, or may soon, become a criminal investigation. If you are being audited by the IRS and have a concern that the IRS may uncover tax fraud, contact us immediately so that we can protect your rights.

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Contact Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner at or 202-349-4033 if you have been contacted by an IRS Revenue Agent for an audit. We will work with you and the IRS to manage the audit process and assess your options if disputes regarding your tax liabilities arise.






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