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Case for Clients with Ties to The Islands

If you have foreign holdings, estate planning interest or business tax planning on the any of the Islands, Kevin E. Thorn is the international tax attorney you want advocating for you. Not only does Mr. Thorn have relationships with top officials throughout the Islands, he has an advanced level of expertise when it comes to international tax law and the complications that can arise specifically on the Islands. For years, islands such as the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Cook Islands, Cyprus, Malaysia, and Mauritius have been recognized as international tax havens, US taxpayers still have specific reporting responsibilities they must leave in to in accordance to U.S. Tax Law. 

Mr. Thorn has helped clients with assets, business planning, tax structures and bank accounts on the Islands with voluntary disclosures through the IRS’ Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures and Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs, tax planning, and asset protection. He has guided clients through IRS criminal investigations and various IRS audits, including business audits, personal audits, international audits, and trust and estate audits. After commuting back and forth for almost 10 years, Mr. Thorn can certainly assist any client with international tax problems or voluntary disclosures on any of the Islands.

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"The attorneys at Thorn Law Group, PLLC have significant experience in all phases of tax controversy, fraud and tax litigation. The Managing Partner, Kevin Thorn, is incredibly personable, yet also brilliant at what he does. Kevin's depth of knowledge in tax administration and procedure provides us with valuable insight into the government's and the courts' perspectives in our case. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone with needs in resolving any kind of tax disputes."
Stephanie Tee