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Disclosing assets, estate planning, and/or business structuring in South America can be a tricky process for a tax attorney who is not experienced in the international tax laws of this region. Those with an international tax problem involving a country in South America should be wary of the specific complications that arise in the countries in this region of the world. Mr. Thorn is familiar with the distinct tax laws that may affect clients with assets in South America. He has successfully helped a large number of clients from this region with issues ranging from an international IRS audit, IRS criminal investigation and business planning between various countries. He has helped thousands of clients disclose their international assets to the IRS via one of their various IRS Voluntary Disclosure Programs.

If you have a bank account, foreign property, tax and business planning or other assets to disclose to the Internal Revenue Service in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, or any other nation in South America, be assured that Managing Partner, Kevin E. Thorn, of the Thorn Law Group has experience with international law in this region and will guide you through any of your complicated legal issues. You can be assured that you will receive the best result with his counsel.

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