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The majority of IRS tax cases are civil cases. This includes IRS individual audits, IRS business tax audits, IRS trust and estate audits, IRS international tax audits and more. Just because a tax case is not originally classified as a criminal investigation, it does not mean there is no risk involved for taxpayers who are subjected to a civil IRS tax investigation. There are many situations in which a civil case turns into a criminal case, especially if there are unreported bank accounts or if the subject is suspected of fraudulent tax reporting involved. With any civil IRS tax case related to an individual's tax filing, business taxes, foundation taxes, trust and estates, or wealth planning, Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group is the attorney you need representing you. He will help ensure that your IRS civil tax case does not turn into a criminal investigation, and if it does, Mr. Thorn will rigorously defend you until you, your business, your trust and estate, or foundation receives the best possible result in your specific tax situation.

When faced with a civil IRS tax case, it can be tempting to allow your accountant or CPA take the reins. This is a huge mistake. Hiring a CPA does not offer any attorney client privilege, which puts you at risk, especially if they speak to the IRS. An experienced tax attorney such as Mr. Thorn can keep clients’ financial information and the details of their tax reporting safe if they are ever under IRS investigation or subject to an IRS audit. In most instances he is able to protect clients with civil tax cases from the scrutiny of the IRS Criminal Division and the harrows of a DOJ investigation. If you want the best possible result for your civil case, you need to speak with Kevin E. Thorn.

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