IRS Administrative Appeals

When issues cannot be resolved at the audit level, one option is to request the IRS Office of Appeals (“IRS Appeals”) review the matter.

IRS Appeals is a neutral body within the IRS that is dedicated to resolving disputes between taxpayers and the IRS without the need for litigation. IRS Appeals was specifically established to provide taxpayers with a fresh, neutral review of their cases by IRS professionals with experience in the area of the dispute but with no prior involvement in the specific taxpayer’s particular case.

At Thorn Law Group, we have successfully resolved many cases for our clients by utilizing the IRS Appeals option. We understand the procedures and options utilized by IRS Appeals Officers. This knowledge allows us to efficiently and effectively negotiate on your behalf.

For more information or to discuss whether IRS Appeals is an appropriate venue for you, please contact Kevin E. Thorn at 202 349-4033.

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