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Litigating Tax Refund Cases Before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims

A popular venue for taxpayers seeking a refund of taxes paid to the U.S. government is the United States Court of Federal Claims. Each Washington DC tax law attorney at our firm has an extensive understanding of the complex rules and procedures governing suits in the United States Court of Federal Claims.

Successful outcomes in tax refund cases often depend on the knowledge of an experienced federal tax litigator. At Thorn Law Group, our legal professionals are former IRS tax attorneys who bring a unique understanding of federal government processes and operations. We use our insight and experience to aggressively represent clients seeking to file tax refund claims against the IRS in the United States Court of Federal Claims.

The United States Court of Federal Claims

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims only hears cases involving monetary claims against the U.S. government. Its origin can be traced back to 1855 when Congress established the United States Court of Claims to provide for the determination of private claims against the United States. The role of this court is integrally related to the fundamental principle underlying the U.S. Constitution, which states that individuals have rights against the government.

The Court of Federal Claims is located in Washington, DC, but hears cases all over the country. Thus, a taxpayer can designate a geographically convenient location for trial, but an appeal will only be to the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The Court of Federal Claims does not provide jury trials; rather, the case will be tried by a single judge.

Any person, regardless of citizenship, can file a suit to collect a refund of taxes paid against the United States in the Court of Federal Claims. As with the U.S. District Courts, a taxpayer must meet certain prerequisites before proceeding to file suit:

  1. First, a taxpayer must pay the amount in dispute which the IRS claims is due and owing.
  2. Next, the taxpayer must make a request for a refund. That request must be denied through the administrative process within the IRS.
  3. After the monies are paid and the request for a refund denied, the taxpayer may file suit for a refund of the disputed amount.

The IRS is represented in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims by attorneys from the Department of Justice. Therefore, it is critical for taxpayers to have a lawyer experienced in tax law and procedures to represent their interests before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Every attorney in our office has the skills and experience necessary to successfully litigate tax refund suits against the United States government.

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Washington, DC is the hub of government relations in the U.S. Our attorneys understand the government’s strategy in tax controversies and we use this insight to develop litigation methods and tactics aimed at achieving the most favorable resolutions possible in tax refund cases.

To learn more about how an experienced Washington DC tax law attorney at Thorn Law Group can assist you with a tax refund suit in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, contact Mr. Kevin Thorn at (202) 349-4033.

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