Australia and New Zealand Tax Law Case Results

Both Australia and New Zealand have specific, complicated tax regulations and tax laws that must be considered when handling sensitive tax matters, business transactions disclosures. Kevin E. Thorn is familiar with the tax laws of Australia and New Zealand. He has helped many clients with bank accounts and other assets located in both of these nations not only with their voluntary disclosures, but also their estate and tax planning.

If you need help disclosing assets in these regions, estate planning, or business transactions, Mr. Thorn and the international tax attorneys can help you too. Mr. Thorn’s knowledge of the IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures and other IRS Tax Amnesty Programs is necessary to potentially save you from severe civil audits and from the horrors of criminal investigation. If you have tax responsibilities to the USA, and do business in either of these countries, you need a sophisticated experienced international tax attorney! Under the guidance of Managing Partner, Kevin E. Thorn, the Thorn Law Group can help.

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