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Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner, has worked closely with a number of professional athletes, distinguished artists, and famous entertainers. He has helped these individuals both with their tax litigation and controversy needs, as well as with their complicated tax and estate planning. Mr. Thorn helps his clients with issues such as IRS audits, both business and personal, and with the disclosure of offshore assets. He is a leader when it comes to providing tax planning and business structuring advice to individuals in these specific industries. If you are a high net worth individual, then wealth planning is something you must strongly consider. Having an international tax attorney such as Kevin E. Thorn guiding you could make a world of a difference.

High net worth individuals seek the counsel of Thorn Law Group because it is known throughout their communities that Thorn Law Group is the most equipped international tax litigation firm to assist them with the specific issues that arise when handling a large amount of money. Mr. Thorn has taken care of it all, from IRS audits, to IRS voluntary disclosures, to wealth, tax, and estate planning. If you are an athlete, artist, or entertainer with a substantial amount of money overseas, it is a felony to not disclose those assets to the IRS. If your finances are at risk of IRS investigation, call Thorn Law Group today.

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