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IRS Whistleblower Program

A version of the IRS Whistleblower Program has been around for many years and was known in the past as, the IRS Rewards Program. The old program gave out incentives to individuals, mostly in the range of 10% of actual taxes recovered, to those who came forward with evidence of individual taxpayers or companies that were not paying their fair share of taxes.

Over the last few years, due to the increased disclosure of professionals and companies being involved in tax advantaged transactions, Congress reinvigorated the program, giving it a new title, the IRS Whistleblower Program, and a new office at the IRS headquarters in Washington, DC. Along with an elevated presence within the legal and business community, the Whistleblower Program has become very visible and very active.

The Whistleblower Program was established to help the IRS in its initiative to catch taxpayers who are not paying the taxes that they actually owe the United States government. The Program provides an incentive to individuals to come forward and identify other individuals, trusts, companies, partnerships, or other entities that are underpaying their taxes. The result of the underpayment of taxes can be the result of fraud, aggressive or uncertain tax positions, or even mistakes.

Basically, the incentive is an award based program developed to encourage an individual to come forward and to reveal an underpayment of tax to the IRS. The award itself can be up to 30% of the amount of tax, interest, and penalties that are actually collected by the IRS. There is no cap that is placed on the actual dollar amount of the award.

If you believe you have information concerning an individual or a company that has made mistakes or committed fraudulent acts, and in doing so, has underpaid their taxes, the attorneys at Thorn Law Group can help. For a confidential consultation with a Washington DC IRS whistleblower attorney, call Kevin E. Thorn at 202-349-4033 today.




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