Embezzlement is the fraudulent conversion or concealing of money, assets or other property by one or more individuals to whom such assets have been entrusted.

Embezzlement frequently involves falsification of records in order to conceal the activity. Another method is to create a false vendor account, and to supply false bills to the company being embezzled so that the payment checks that are cut appear completely legitimate.

Some of the most complex (and potentially the most lucrative) forms of embezzlement involve Ponzi-like financial schemes where high returns to early investors are paid out of funds received from later investors duped into believing they are themselves receiving entry into a high return investment scheme. The Bernie Madoff scandal is an example of this kind of high level embezzlement scheme. Check the Thorn Blog for the most updated information on this investigation.

At Thorn Law Group, we work with experts trained at detecting embezzlement. If you believe you may be the victim of embezzlement, contact Thorn Law Group today so that we can begin assisting you in determining whether and to what extent embezzlement has occurred. Embezzlement is frequently charged with tax-related crimes, such as tax fraud.

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