Banking & Fraud Institution Disputes

Thorn Law Group attorneys are experienced at representing individuals and entities in private disputes with foreign banks and financial institutions. Firm attorneys have worked with counsel in London, the Bahamas and Canadian counsel and are knowledgeable of the banking rules and regulations of numerous jurisdictions, and are able to counsel clients on their rights and options when dealing with foreign banks that have mismanaged client assets and violated other fiduciary obligations. In certain situations, Thorn Law Group has worked with and has utilized forensic accountants to investigate bank fraud, negligence, and improper accounting.

The firm also advises banks and financial institutions concerning compliance programs and preventative measures to ensure cooperation with the world banking community’s laws and standards.

The firm is experienced in representing and advising:

  • Public Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Offshore Banks
  • U.S. Financial Institutions
  • Foreign Financial Institutions

Thorn Law Group has the banking law experience to represent individuals, banks or financial institutions in private litigation matters, as well as, before the government and the courts. For more information, please contact Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn at 202 349-4033.






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