The Wall Street Journal Features Kevin E. Thorn as a Leading Attorney in the DC Metro Area

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Kevin E. Thorn, the founding member and managing partner of Thorn Law Group, was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article as a leading attorney in the DC region. The publishers of the August 3, 2015 Capital Region’s Premier Lawyers’ Supplement recognized the achievements of fifteen leading firms in the DC metro area, including the DC-based Thorn Law Group. This special Supplement noted that Thorn’s extensive tax law experience and background as a former IRS attorney makes him the “ultimate insider on tax matters for the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area.”

Kevin Thorn is proud of his law firm’s accomplishments and the recognition the firm has received from The Wall Street Journal. Thorn Law Group is a boutique tax law firm that represents clients throughout the United States and around the globe in complex tax law issues and disputes. Thorn created the firm with the goal of filling the need for highly skilled and experienced tax law counsel in the DC region and around the nation. Since its founding, the firm has expanded its client base from local and national clients to the representation of individuals and businesses in almost every country around the world.

Civil and criminal tax disputes tend to involve highly complex laws and regulations. The attorneys at Thorn Law Group are well positioned to tackle the most difficult tax issues. Thorn Law Group’s team of accomplished lawyers leverage their backgrounds as former IRS attorneys and law clerks with the U.S. Federal Tax Court to obtain advantageous results for clients. With over thirty years of collective experience, the firm and its attorneys are well recognized in legal and professional communities in the United States and around the globe. Lawyers, CPAs and other professionals regularly turn to the Thorn Law Group to tackle the most difficult tax matters. “We are seen as the attorney’s attorney,” Thorn explains. “We are a ‘white hat firm’ of attorneys who are ethical, professional and sophisticated and we perform well in all of our areas of expertise.”

In looking to the future, Kevin Thorn forecasts increasing challenges for businesses and individuals both in the United States and abroad. He explains that “as the United States government continues to try to develop mechanisms by which it can regulate the movement of funds throughout the world, we expect to see continuous growth in the demand for legal services, including tax planning, compliance, advisement, litigation, and wealth management.”

Thorn Law Group is well positioned to help clients overcome these new obstacles and challenges. The firm’s team of strong advocates draw upon their experience and in-depth understanding of the law to represent clients in all types of civil and criminal tax law controversies before the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, U.S. District Courts, the Department of Justice, the IRS Whistleblower Office, and professional responsibility tribunals and state taxing authorities across the nation.

“People come to us because they know we can solve difficult civil and criminal tax law matters,” Thorn explains. “Our aim is to provide clients with the most efficient, technical and positive results going forward in the coming years.”

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