HSBC Severs Ties with Undisclosed Offshore U.S. Account Holders

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Recently HSBC India has mandated that all ties with U.S. Clients and anyone associated with U.S. persons are to be severed.  Due to the pressure of the U.S. government’s continuing investigations into HSBC’s investment activities and suspicions of encouraging tax evasion through undisclosed offshore accounts; HSBC India has responded by sending out letters to all of its U.S. clients informing them of their recent change in client structure, that is they do not want U.S. clients.
While it is not illegal to hold offshore accounts, keeping them undisclosed is.  The U.S. along with the rest of the G-20 summit are working towards ending tax evasion around the world and within their respective countries.  However due to the number of undisclosed offshore bank accounts, it seems that some countries and banking corporations, such as HSBC India, have to take more severe measures in order to bring such illegal activity to a halt.

Undisclosed HSBC account holders should come forward through the 2011 IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program before the bank turns over its clients’ names.  Criminal investigations initiated by the Department of Justice regarding undisclosed offshore accounts can result in significantly greater financial penalties and the possibility of incarceration.

A voluntary disclosure can help prevent this outcome. Find out your options today!

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