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As Swiss Parliament Vote Approaches: US Taxpayers Continue to Disclose Accounts!

Offshore Account Update, UBS / HSBC

Posted in on April 2, 2010

Less than two weeks remain before the Swiss Parliament will vote!

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Swiss Sign Protocol to UBS Agreement: Keeps Disclosure Process Moving

Offshore Account Update, UBS / HSBC

Posted in on April 1, 2010

The Swiss are at it again!

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After Voluntary Disclosure Initiative Closes, IRS Moves on to Information Document Requests (IDR's) for Offshore Account Holders

Articles & Publications

Posted in on March 23, 2010

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Swiss Parliament to Help with Disclosure of Undisclosed Offshore Bank Accounts

Articles & Publications

Posted in on March 1, 2010

On February 24, 2010, the Swiss government announced that it will seek parliamentary approval to effectively overturn a Swiss Court’s efforts to block the release of information identifying U.S. accountholders at UBS AG (“UBS”) to U.S. authorities.  In the meantime, pending parliamentary approval, Swiss tax authorities are continuing to process U.S. requests for information on U.S. clients of UBS.


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Swiss Parliament announces it will help with Disclosure of Information concerning Undisclosed Offshore Bank Accounts

Offshore Account Update, UBS / HSBC

Posted in on February 24, 2010

Another twist in the ongoing drama between the U.S. and Swiss government over the Swiss id's of U.S. account holders at mega-bank UBS.

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