Another Swiss Banker to Disclose Offshore Account Information: Voluntary Disclosures are Likely to Increase!

Posted in Offshore Account Update on January 12, 2010 | Share

The word on the street is that another Swiss banker is in the process of disclosing information concerning offshore accounts concerning bank Julius Baer.  Some publications have stated his name is, Rudolf Elmer, and that he was a former banker for Julius Baer.

Mr. Elmer is part of an ever increasing group of whistle-blowers that includes Bradley Birkenfeld.  It goes without saying, his possible disclosures are attracting the interest of  the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department.

What remains to be seen is what he will disclose and/or what will result because of the information he provides.

Undisclosed offshore accounts are about to get even more interesting.  Stay tuned!.

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