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Common Questions About the Whistleblower Program

IRS Whistleblower Actions

Common Questions About the Whistleblower Program

Q. How do I maximize my award?
A. Thorn Law Group will help you provide the IRS Whistleblower Office with as much relevant information as possible to maximize your award and to be ready to challenge the award amount if it does not correspond to the amount of information that you actually provided to the IRS. Also, the attorneys at Thorn Law Group know exactly who at the IRS to contact in regards to your situation and can make sure you receive the largest award possible.

Q. Do you need to be a United States citizen to obtain a Whistleblower award?
A. No, informants do not need to be U.S. citizens to receive an award under the program. The most important criteria to receive an award under the Whistleblower Program is to provide a substantial contribution of information about an underpayment of tax.

Q. If I come forward and make a submission under the IRS Whistleblower program can my identity be protected and/or will I have to testify.
A. If you would like to keep your identity a secret, the attorneys at Thorn Law Group will take all the necessary precautions to keep your identity a secret. Although, it may not be possible to keep your identity a secret in every case, the attorneys at Thorn Law Group know the procedures the keep your identity a secret in most situations.

Q. What if you are not interested in an award?
A. You do not have to take an award from the IRS if you do not want to receive an award and can remain anonymous.

Q. What if I am not happy with the reward I receive?
A. If you are not happy with the amount of the reward you receive, after the IRS collects the tax from the taxpayer, you can challenge the amount your reward determination in the United States Tax Court.








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