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Gabrielle M. Boissoneau

Director of Recruitment and Manager of Marketing


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Ms. Boissoneau is the Director of Recruitment and Manager of Marketing at Thorn Law Group.

As the Director of Recruitment, Ms. Boissoneau acquires talented members to work for the firm. She assists in attracting talent, assessing quality candidates and determining what attributes are the best assets to the culture at Thorn Law Group. She is in charge of recruiting, applicant screening procedures, the interview process, and making recommendations in regard to the best hires. She also handles orientation and acts as a management-employee liaison for new hires. She has been involved in recruiting attorneys, interns, paralegals, and administrative staff.

Ms. Boissoneau is also the firm’s Manager of Marketing. In this role, she facilitates representing the prestige and expertise of the firm through various marketing platforms. She is in control of all event planning and press, and she has had extensive experience in advertising and networking. Ms. Boissoneau is skilled in creating content that adds value both to our digital and print publications and is involved in the monitoring of our online presence. She has also represented the firm at a variety of different charity events and professional conferences. All media and sponsorship requests and appearances fall within her jurisdiction.


  • B.A, University of Virginia

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