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Washington DC Tax Lawyer - Thorn Law Group

Ms. O’Riordan is a Summer Associate with Thorn Law Group, where she assists with both civil and criminal tax matters. In her practice, she focuses on both international and domestic tax issues, working with US taxpayers to address tax issues and reduce the cost of coming into compliance with the IRS. Ms. O’Riordan works primarily with individuals who have offshore accounts, assisting in evaluating the best options for that taxpayer and in the process of disclosing offshore accounts through either the OVDP or Streamlined programs.

Ms. O’Riordan is currently the Executive Administrative Editor of the Emory International Law Review. Prior to her work with Thorn Law Group, Ms. O’Riordan has been a student attorney with the Emory International Humanitarian Law Clinic. She has also served as a law clerk in Forsyth County Superior Court.


  • Comment, Art Conservation: The Cost of Saving Great Works of Art, 32 EMORY INT’L L. REV. (forthcoming 2018).


  • J.D. Candidate, Emory School of Law
  • B.A., Wake Forest University

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"Kevin E. Thorn and the tax attorneys at Thorn Law Group are exceptional. When I came to them, I had just received a letter from the Department of Justice concerning an undisclosed bank account at a Swiss bank. I thought I was going to go to jail and lose everything I had worked for just because my family and my business are international. Mr. Thorn's knowledge of the tax laws and his skills in presenting my situation to the IRS and Department of Justice proved superior!"